Thursday, July 19, 2018


It's been a long time to upload some videos at youtube teehee~

Monday, June 11, 2018


We wanted to inform you of some sad news: 

On August 1st, Project Wonderful will be shutting down.

For over a decade, we've been so happy to be your choice for getting the word out about your comic, music, or anything else you come up with. And we've been so proud to represent our publishers, who have been creating some of the most interesting, exciting, and worthwhile things online.

But all good things must come to an end. When we started working on Project Wonderful in early 2006, it was with the hope that online advertising could be something good, something that you'd want to see. We were always the odd company out: we didn't track readers, we didn't sell out our publishers, and we never had issues with popups, popunders, or other bad ads the plague the internet - because our technology simply wasn't built to allow for that. We let you place an image and link on a website, and that was it. And we filtered the ads that could run on our network, so our publishers knew they could trust us.

We'd hoped that would be enough, but in the past several years, the internet has changed. Large sites like Facebook do all they can to keep readers on their network, rather than sending that traffic out to individual websites. As such, many readers - who used to visit dozens if not hundreds of websites a day - now visit only a few sites, and things like the indie "blogosphere" (remember that?) are disappearing. We're hopeful that individual creators can adapt - either by embracing these walled gardens in a way that protects themselves, or by finding other ways to draw attention to their work - but as a network founded on supporting independent websites, our options were limited. Some advertising networks have held on by adopting more and more invasive user tracking, forcing their publishers to sign binding contracts, or by trying to train publishers (and readers!) to expect that "sometimes a bad ad will sneak through", but that's something we always refused to do. We believed - and still believe - that you deserve better. We believed - and still believe - in a world where an ad blocker wouldn't be an obvious thing to install, because advertising would be good, interesting, and non-invasive.

Unfortunately, we're no longer in a position to supply that better option to you.

We know this may come as a shock, which is why we're giving everyone as much notice as possible. Here's the Project Wonderful shutdown timeline:
  • June 11th, 2018: We announce our shutdown phase. No new accounts can be created, and no new publishers will be added to the network. Members are contacted to let them know to spend or withdraw their funds before August 1st.
  • July 11th: Ad serving is turned off, so our ads will no longer appear on anyone's websites, and any existing bids are suspended. No new bids can be placed on Project Wonderful - but of course people can still withdraw their funds.
  • August 1st: This is the deadline for anyone to do anything they want with their Project Wonderful accounts before they close!
  • August 6th: After a few days of grace for any stragglers, and after 12 years, 6 months, and 12 days of service, Project Wonderful's servers finally go offline.
We want to thank you all: from the publishers and advertisers who have been with us since day one (and there are hundreds!) to those that joined somewhere along the road to today. We're so proud of the artists we've helped support and the good we brought into the world - and we still hope that we've managed to bring some change into an industry not typically associated with "decency". And to the readers who clicked our ads, and in doing so discovered new comics, new work, new ideas, new art, and new people through the simple act of peer-to-peer advertising: we think you're great too.

It really was a wonderful project. And it couldn't have happened without you.

-Team Project Wonderful

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Just this June 6, 2018, Webtoon announced a new methods of Discover Creators to Monetize their in Content in Webtoon, This month They will be sharing us the beta version of the Ad Revenue Sharing Program to Discover. Webtoon said that this program will be launch in early August.

Read the Notice of Webtoon~
The 1 million Pledge Program for discover creators will be ended this June 2018 that was started  last January 2018, since the they already reached the quota.

Good news is~ We creators can monetize all eligible titles unlike before we can only monetize 1 title per patreon account~

Webtoon continue to improve monetization opportunities that were limited in Pledge Program adn they want to reward prolific creators even more~! Yay~!

Monday, June 4, 2018


Hi~! I'm planning to reboot the season 1 of Oh My Ghost~!
I'm going to join the webtoon contest and wish me luck that I win so that Oh My ghost will be featured. If I don't win, well you can still read this reboot by suporting me at patreon page and download the PDF or you can Pm there to send you personally the PDF.fil of Reboot episode of 1-4 ^_^

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Oh My Ghost~! SEASON 4 EPISODE 213

Oh oh! Maya is on trouble! But Don't worry! Loi and the rest of the gang will gonna save Maya!
Check Oh my Ghost Season 4 episode 213 at Line Webtoon!

Enjoy Reading~!
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To read Oh My Ghost Here's the Link:

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

3 Years of Oh My Ghost Webtoon!

Hi guys! I want to say thank you to thepeople who support me at patreon for many years. I really appreciate the love that you show to Oh My Ghost webtoon and to my other works. You financial support helps me to buy some new equipment for my work to make a good quality comics. New materials and for the bills and maintenance . I also say thank you to the people who read Oh my Ghost at webtoon and tapastic. Thank you for subscribing, sharing, rating, and commenting my webtoon. We create an amazing community at comment section and I'm happy that we become friends and we enjoy replying there. You made my empty soul filled with your love.I somehow manage survive this harsh industry in comics. The fanarts that you submit to me. it really makes me smile that you draw Maya, that effort should be notice and deserve to be credited. Than you so much Guys. I love you all~! SEASON 5 is coming.

Saturday, January 6, 2018