Saturday, May 5, 2018

Oh My Ghost~! SEASON 4 EPISODE 213

Oh oh! Maya is on trouble! But Don't worry! Loi and the rest of the gang will gonna save Maya!
Check Oh my Ghost Season 4 episode 213 at Line Webtoon!

Enjoy Reading~!
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Thursday, May 3, 2018

3 Years of Oh My Ghost Webtoon!

Hi guys! I want to say thank you to thepeople who support me at patreon for many years. I really appreciate the love that you show to Oh My Ghost webtoon and to my other works. You financial support helps me to buy some new equipment for my work to make a good quality comics. New materials and for the bills and maintenance . I also say thank you to the people who read Oh my Ghost at webtoon and tapastic. Thank you for subscribing, sharing, rating, and commenting my webtoon. We create an amazing community at comment section and I'm happy that we become friends and we enjoy replying there. You made my empty soul filled with your love.I somehow manage survive this harsh industry in comics. The fanarts that you submit to me. it really makes me smile that you draw Maya, that effort should be notice and deserve to be credited. Than you so much Guys. I love you all~! SEASON 5 is coming.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Line Webtoon is working diligently with their partners at PATREON to build on the resources and support for their creators~! 
They are happy to announce the MILLION DOLLAR DISCOVER FUND!
A new one million dollar commitment to growing the Discover community and to help you make money. The million Discover fund will begin on November 1st 2017, and end when the accumulated sum of direct pledges reaches $1,000,000 USD, or at 11:59PM EST, Dec 31st 2018, whichever comes first.

In the new year, Webtoon will be expanding their creator development program with exciting features. Here's a taste of what will they be launching in 2018:
-Revised tiers to support the growth and health of the overall Discover Community.
-Marketing support and programming, stunts designed to showcase Discover titles.
-Product implementation to ease fans' ability to support creators. DISCOVER recently had a facelift to allow more readers to find more new content, more easily.
-New ways for us to monetize the content of our webtoon.
-A commitment to more Discover titles that ever being developed for feature.

For reference, click HERE for the webtoonxpatreon partnership as it currently exist.


Phew~! It's been a long time since I blog here~! Here's Sailormoon Maya XD

Monday, September 11, 2017


Even there's a  Blackout in out City, I still need to draw~! It's been a while to make a blog~! Heavy storm is approaching in our city but I hope we still gonna be good and fine~!